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Hydraulic oil high temperature, how many excavator bosses crying

For the excavator, when the hydraulic oil temperature is 50-80 ° C, the viscosity, lubricity and wear resistance of the hydraulic oil are in the best state, and the working efficiency is the highest. When the temperature of the hydraulic oil exceeds 95 °C, the efficiency of the excavator decreases, the movement is inaccurate and slow, and the excavator cannot work when it is serious.

Air compressor oil is improperly used

The air compressor of a cement plant uses a certain brand of coolant. In May 2015, the oil change process was carried out. Shortly after the oil change, the oil was cokeed. As shown in the figure, after a long shutdown, the start-up was difficult and could not be normal. run.

Will the hydraulic oil actually "fire"?

At this point, the fault can be eliminated by draining the shock absorber fluid to the standard oil level. There are two reasons for the oil level of the shock absorber box being too high. One is that the operator blindly refuels; the other is that the oil seal of the shaft end of the hydraulic pump is aging, so that the hydraulic oil leaks, and the latter should be replaced by a hydraulic pump to replace the oil seal.

How should the sampling point for oil monitoring be selected?

For circulating lubrication systems with filtration devices (eg hydraulic systems, turbine units), the optimum sampling point is in the return line; if it is to be judged that the equipment is worn, it should be sampled before the filter return line filter; if the filter is to be evaluated The filtering effect requires sampling both the front of the filter and the back of the filter;
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