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ZYA series transformer oil vacuum oil filter

Used for power maintenance, installation and maintenance of power plant power stations, power companies, substation industries, railways, petrochemicals, metallurgy and other fields.
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1. Used for power maintenance, installation and maintenance of power plant power stations, power companies, substation industries, railways, petrochemicals, metallurgy and other fields.
2. Dehydration, degassing and impurity removal of unqualified transformer oil, transformer oil, circuit breaker oil, capacitor oil, cable oil, high-voltage switch oil, etc., improve flash point and withstand voltage.
3. It can process unqualified transformer oil without power failure, non-stop production, no oil change, no filter paper, and transformer running.
4. It can also be used to dry vacuum oiling of various damp electric equipment and transformers.
Technical characteristics
1. It adopts large-area three-dimensional flashing technology to efficiently and quickly separate moisture and gas from oil.
2. Multi-stage precision filtration step-by-step encryption can effectively remove mechanical impurities in oil. 3 heating system uses optimized piping design to ensure uniform heating and stable oil temperature.
3, automatic constant temperature control, automatic liquid level control, automatic defoaming, automatic pressure protection to ensure high-performance operation of equipment.
4, online filter oil, can be run unattended, the operating status is indicated by the indicator light.
5, the machine is humanized design, low noise, easy to operate, long maintenance interval, low energy consumption and save operating costs.
6. The whole machine is equipped with interlocking safety protection, and the oil inlet and heating system are interlocked to avoid misoperation.
User selectable configuration
1. According to the user's needs, optional PLC intelligent control, touch screen operation, and dynamic display.
2. The main power components, filter equipment and electrical components can be selected with high quality imported products to improve the performance of the equipment.
3. Optional online moisture detector.
4. Optional random detection of withstand voltage and automatic printing of test results (ZYA series)
5. Optional inverter, you can select the flow according to your needs.
6. Optional flow meter with accumulator function.
7. Optional external connection to the transformer evacuation system.
User selectable machine structure
1. The whole structure can be made into mobile, fixed and trailer type (half-axis or double-axis).
2, can be made into a fully enclosed, concealed, canvas, open type.
3, according to the needs of the device color can be arbitrarily selected
Technical parameter


※ The equipment dimensions and equipment quality are for reference only. As the product continues to develop, the actual product shall prevail.
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Transformer oil vacuum oil filter working principle
The vacuum oil purifier is designed according to the boiling point of water and oil. It consists of a primary filter, a feed pump, a heater, a vacuum tank, a vacuum pump, a condenser, a fine filter, a drain pump, and an electrical cabinet.
The vacuum pump pumps the air in the vacuum tank to form a vacuum. The external oil is under the action of the oil pump. The oil enters the primary filter through the inlet pipe to filter out the larger particles, and then enters the heater to be heated. The oil temperature rises to 40 ° C-70. °C, through the automatic oil level valve, this valve can automatically control the amount of oil entering and leaving the vacuum tank. The heated oil is sprayed into the vacuum vessel, and the water in the oil is rapidly evaporated into water vapor and continuously sucked into the condenser by the vacuum pump. The water vapor entering the condenser is cooled and then condensed into water to be discharged. The dehydrated and degassed oil is discharged into the fine filter by the oil discharge pump, and the fine particles are filtered out through the fine filter. Thereby completing the whole process of the vacuum oil filter to quickly remove impurities, water and gas in the oil, so that the clean oil is excluded from the outlet from the outlet.
The vacuum oil filter can be used for on-site oil filtering and oil replenishment for various oil-immersed transformers, oil-immersed current-voltage transformers and high-pressure oil-less circuit breakers. On-site vacuum oiling and refueling and equipment vacuuming of sealed oil immersed equipment. The slightly deteriorated transformer oil is regenerated and purified to achieve the performance of the oil scale. It can also be used in power plants, power stations, power companies, substation industries, metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery, transportation, railways and other industries.
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ZYA series transformer oil vacuum oil filter



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