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Pump truck after sale oil filter, hydraulic oil filter

2019-09-26 15:15

The pump trucks of Hunan Sany Heavy Industry and Zoomlion are all located in the construction of various cities. The hydraulic oil of the pumping lubrication system needs to be cleaned by a vacuum oil filter before it can be used safely. Our vacuum oil filter machine is recommended by customers and friends, widely used in the pump maintenance market, and has a good reputation. Thanks to my customers and friends, our company will continue to serve everyone in good faith, to provide you with quality and cheap oil equipment, and to reward everyone. 







Our vacuum oil filter machine is used to filter oil for the Sany pump truck, although in the cold winter, the dehydration speed is also very fast.
1, use
Oil impurities filter, remove moisture and gas. It is mainly used to treat fine powders, suspended impurities (such as metal powder, coal powder, etc.), flocs, fibers (such as paper wool, cotton floc) which are easy to cause the blockage of conventional filter elements. It is easy to achieve clean filtration of oil products, such as injection molding machine oil, vacuum pump oil, paper industry, smelting, oil production in the mining industry, etc.; also used for oils with high filtration accuracy requirements. This machine can also be equipped with a regenerative device to adsorb and regenerate the oil, reduce the acid value of the aged oil or control the acid value of the running oil, and partially restore the oil color.
2. Performance characteristics
1. This machine combines the advantages of vacuum oil filter and plate and frame oil filter. The two can work together and can be separated and operated independently, which can effectively purify and deal with various impurities with complicated impurities.
2. It is equipped with circulating heating dehydration oil outlet. It can firstly cut off the plate type fine filter to vacuum dewater the oil and filter the general impurities to avoid the oil with high water content shortening the life of the filter paper.
3. Multi-stage progressive filter system: three-stage progressive filter system, the primary and secondary filter elements are made of steel mesh material, easy to clean, no need to replace after repeated use; secondary filter element adopts multiple sets of planar structure, impurities in filter element The surface is difficult to form and accumulate, and the cleaning is simple and quick; the fine filtration adopts a plate type pressure filtering device to effectively filter the suspended particles impurities in the oil;
4. Water-breaking and demulsification system, using polymer to polymerize materials, can quickly break the emulsion, separate the normal water in the oil, make the dehydration more thorough and more efficient.
5. Three-dimensional complex three-dimensional flashing combined with aggregation and separation: quickly and completely remove moisture and gas from oil.
6. Strong air condensing system: It can quickly condense water vapor into water, increase the dehydration rate and reduce the vacuum pump load.
7. Set the backwashing system to quickly backflush the easily clogging filter to ensure normal purification and continuous operation, eliminating manual disassembly and cleaning.
8. The liquid level control adopts the combination of the electric float controller and the solenoid valve to realize automatic oil inlet and automatically balance the oil level; the control is accurate and reliable, avoiding running oil; and interlocking protection heating to prevent dry burning.
9. Equilibrium heating system: ensure that the oil is evenly heated and the heating rate is fast, without causing local carbonization of the oil.
10. Fuzzy area heating control, the heating system can be automatically controlled according to the set temperature, the heating point is turbulent, and the heating is more stable and more balanced.
11. Digital intelligent temperature controller can set the upper and lower limits of heating temperature, control stability, and temperature display is more intuitive. The temperature probe directly detects the oil temperature, and the temperature measurement is sensitive, accurate, and has no hysteresis.
12. For equipment with high heating power, use group control heating or multi-stage ladder heating, and multi-temperature controller independent control. The group heating can be selectively input according to the actual situation of the site; the multi-stage heating can automatically control the heating power input according to the setting and the timely oil temperature, which can quickly heat the whole power when the oil temperature is low, and the oil temperature reaches the preset temperature. It can automatically maintain the oil temperature with low power operation, making the equipment more energy efficient, while avoiding oil temperature overheating and carbonization.
13. The whole machine is equipped with protection measures such as overpressure, overcurrent, overload and anti-dry burning to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.
3. Equipment form and configuration
The equipment is generally mobile open type, and can also be designed as fixed installation, fully enclosed, semi-closed, complete machine explosion-proof and PLC (with touch screen) automatic control, etc.; oil pump, vacuum pump, electrical components provide domestic, import or joint venture brand selection It can be equipped with additional functions such as filter pollution detection alarm, automatic drainage and vacuum automatic adjustment as required.
4, selection parameter list
Indicator name unit TYA-L-10 TYA-L-20 TYA-L-30 TYA-L-50 TYA-L-100 TYA-L-150 TYA-L-200
flow L/H 600 1200 1800 3000 6000 9000 12000
Working vacuum Mpa -0.06 ~ -0.095
Work pressure Mpa ≤0.5
Controllable temperature Normal temperature ~ 100
Moisture PPM ≤50
Cleanliness NAS ≤6
Emulsification value min New oil ≤15min running oil ≤30min
power supply ~380V /50HZ (or according to user needs)
Working noise dB(A) ≤60 ≤60 ≤60 ≤75 ≤75 ≤75 ≤75
heating power KW 30 30 36 48 64 80 120
Total electric power KW 33 33 38 51 68 86 135
Import and export trail mm 20 20 25 32 40 50 50
equipment weight Kg 420 420 450 480 650 850 1000
※ The external dimensions and equipment quality of the equipment are for reference only. As the product continues to develop, the actual product shall prevail.
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Pump truck after sale oil filter, hydraulic oil filter



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