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Explosion-proof oil filter, power plant vacuum oil filter

2019-09-26 14:53






Huizhou Yuxin Chemical Co., Ltd. considers that the vacuum filter uses imported filters to improve the cleanliness of the oil. The cost of consumables is relatively high. We want to use a very suitable way to solve the cleaning process of the company's oil. Our company specially designed this compound explosion-proof vacuum oil filter for the requirements of Party A, which greatly reduced the cost for Party A, and the filtration effect was affirmed by customers.

First, use:
Widely used in hydrocracking plant workshops, flammable and explosive areas, etc., for the purification of lubricating oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oil, insulating oil, etc., based on vacuum oil filter, using full explosion-proof measures To adapt it to the requirements of an explosion-proof environment. The explosion-proof grades are (Exdia IIBT4) (Exdeib IICT4), which can meet the requirements of the explosion-proof workshop, ensuring the reliability and safety of the clean oil in the explosion-proof area. Second, the characteristics: 1. The whole process design is fully explosion-proof to ensure the safety of use under special circumstances. 2. Apply vacuum flash separation technology and step evaporation technology, high efficiency dehydration and emulsification to make oil quickly reach the standard of use. 3. The full explosion-proof electric heating system adopts carbon fiber heating technology to ensure the heating and uniform oil temperature stability while reducing energy consumption. 4. Multi-stage precision filter element can effectively remove all kinds of impurities, encrypt it step by step, have large amount of dirt, and can be used repeatedly for long service life. 5. It adopts explosion-proof progressive scanning defoaming technology to ensure that the equipment will not spray oil during operation, and it is safe and stable. 6. Advanced liquid level control system and pressure overload protection device ensure the safe operation of the whole machine. 7. The air-cooled and medium-condensed multi-integrated heat exchange device can quickly realize the conversion and separation of the mist state in the liquid state. 8. Advanced explosion-proof electronic liquid level control system for true automatic control. 9. The oil in the operation of any explosion-proof turbine or compressor can be cleaned online or offline. 10. Control system; optimized design of the control interlock protection device, phase sequence protection, etc. to ensure long-term reliable operation of the whole machine. Automatic pressure alarm shutdown system, automatic overload protection system, automatic constant temperature system, automatic anti-spray protection and many other advanced technologies ensure the safe and safe operation of the equipment.
Second, the parameter list:
parameter name unit BZL-10 BZL-20 BZL-30 BZL-50 BZL-100 BZL-150 BZL-200
flow L/min 10 20 30 50 100 150 200
Working vacuum Mpa -0.06 ~ -0.095
Operating temperature 20~80
Water content in oil PPM ≤100(GB/T7600)
Cleanliness NAS ≤6
Emulsification value min ≤15min (GB/F7305)
heating power KW 13 24 24 30 45 90 135
Import and export pipe diameter cm 25 25 25 32 40 50 50
Total power KW 16 27 27 35 50 95 142
Total equipment Kg 450 500 550 600 750 950 1150
Dimensions long mm 1250 1300 1150 1250 1500 1600 1750
width mm 750 800 850 1050 1150 1250 1350
high mm 1450 1500 1550 1650 1800 1900 2150
The dimensions of the equipment and the quality of the equipment are for reference only. As the product continues to evolve, the actual product will prevail.
Third, vacuum oil filter overview and working principle
Vacuum oil filter is suitable for degassing, impurity removal and filtration of industrial oils such as transformer oil, turbine oil (turbine oil), lubricating oil and hydraulic oil in power generation industry, electrical appliance manufacturing plant, paper mill, electrochemical plant and industrial and mining enterprise. Water, purification and waste oil regeneration. It overcomes the characteristics that the general vacuum oil filter is only suitable for removing micro water oil treatment, and is the most ideal special equipment for running oil purification.
Working principle: The atomized oil is dehydrated and degassed under vacuum. The three groups of filters can filter out various fine solid impurities, and the special regenerated adsorbent can remove chemical residues in the oil.
Fourth, vacuum oil filter structure and characteristics
The vacuum oil filter consists of several major components such as heating, filtration, vacuum, condensation, adsorption, and regeneration. Points: heating system, filtration system, vacuum atomization system, oil supply system and electrical control system. Due to the different requirements of the manufacturer, the vacuum oil filter can also be equipped with an acid decolorizing adsorption device.
Features 1, a multi-purpose machine, full-featured. It can not only dehydrate and degas, but also the three groups (coarse, medium and fine) filters, the comprehensive process of adsorption and regeneration, and the functions of vacuum dehydration, degassing, filtering impurities and regenerative adsorption.
Features 2, safe and reliable. Pressure and temperature levels are clearly indicated by data and mechanically controlled.
Features 3, high efficiency, economy, and low operating costs. It is a device with the same function and advanced performance in the same oil treatment products.
Features 4, reasonable design structure, easy to use or use online.
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Explosion-proof oil filter, power plant vacuum oil filter



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