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Xiangneng Vacuum Oil Filter Operation Guide

2019-09-26 10:01
Changsha Xiangneng Vacuum Oil Filter Precautions
1. Check that all valves are closed before starting the machine. Confirm that the vacuum pump is turned on after opening and closing. After the vacuum negative pressure reaches between -0.06 and -0.08, the oil outlet valve and the oil inlet valve are opened again, and the oil pump switch should be driven to the automatic starting position.
2. When the oil outlet comes out, start the heater again. After starting the heater, set the oil temperature to about 70 °C (cannot exceed 80 °C), and return the setting switch to the measurement position, then open the control cabinet. The air switch inside. If foam occurs after heating the oil, the foam controller should be opened in time to eliminate the foam. In and out of the oil pipe can not have heavy objects pressed on it
3. If the oil pump is not stopped, the inlet valve can be properly closed. The sewage tank at the lower left should be released in time when there is water.
4. When the oil to be filtered has a large amount of water, if the following water is present, it is better to put the water out and filter it, which can improve the working efficiency of the oil filter and save electricity. If there are more impurities at the bottom of the original oil storage container, please gently filter the oil on the bottom and leave a lot of oil at the bottom. It is better not to filter it with the oil filter to avoid clogging the filter.
5. If the oil filter machine is used in the open air, it is best to cover it with a tarpaulin to avoid rain. The primary filter should be cleaned or replaced at regular intervals. Cleaning method: Remove the filter element and blow it from the inside of the filter element to the outside with an air pump.
6. If the vacuum pump oil is in the water, it should be replaced in time. If the oil level is lowered, it should be added in time to keep the vacuum pump oil level between the two scale lines.
7. When the vacuum oil filter oil is filtered, it should be operated by a special person and there is a person on duty.
8. Turn off the heater 5 to 10 minutes before stopping, then stop the vacuum pump and turn off the inlet and outlet valves.
Xiangneng Vacuum Oil Filter Operation Guide



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