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Will the hydraulic oil actually "fire"?

2019-09-26 09:33
Hydraulic system heating caused by external causes
At this point, the fault can be eliminated by draining the shock absorber fluid to the standard oil level. There are two reasons for the oil level of the shock absorber box being too high. One is that the operator blindly refuels; the other is that the oil seal of the shaft end of the hydraulic pump is aging, so that the hydraulic oil leaks, and the latter should be replaced by a hydraulic pump to replace the oil seal.
Poor heat dissipation of the radiator causes excessive oil temperature
The main forms of poor heat dissipation performance of the radiator are: deformation or blockage of the external heat dissipation fins, poor cooling effect; insufficient cooling fan volume; internal pipeline blockage of the hydraulic oil radiator. For the judgment of the internal pipeline blockage of the hydraulic oil radiator, the pressure gauge can be installed on the inlet and outlet of the radiator. The oil pressure is about 45 ° and the pressure difference is below 0.12 mpa. If it is higher than 0.12 mpa, the pipe is blocked. Seriously, the radiator upper and lower covers should be removed to clear the pipe.
Hydraulic oil return filter check valve failure causes hydraulic oil to overheat
It can be known from the hydraulic system schematic diagram that the hydraulic system returns to the oil filter check valve.
Other reasons
The large excavator is driven by a fan pump to adjust the speed of the fan motor. There is also an overflow device. Generally, the oil temperature is high. Checking these places can be solved.
If the oil temperature and water temperature are too high at the same time, if the amount of oil and water is insufficient or lacking, the oil temperature should be lowered first, and then the water temperature should be lowered. If the water temperature is lowered first, the inertia force and centrifugal force of the Piston Lianxuan group will be increased. To increase the load on the crankshaft bearing. At the same time, the relative friction speed of the journal and the bearing bush will also increase, so that the heat generated per unit time will increase, the oil volume of the oil pump will drop, and a large amount of oil will be thrown out from the main oil passage, resulting in no friction surface of each machine. Sufficient lubricating oil will increase wear and the oil temperature will rise further.
Will the hydraulic oil actually "fire"?



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