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How to use Xiangneng oil filter locomotive

2019-09-26 10:01
Method of operation
(1) Place the machine on a relatively flat ground or in a car trunk, and carefully check whether the whole machine is loose or not. Pay special attention to the connection between the motor and the oil pump must be tight and concentric.
(2) Connect the power supply correctly and start the oil pump to check whether the rotation direction is correct, otherwise change the power phase sequence.
(3) Connect the oil pipe into and out of the oil pipe and fasten it to remind the user that the oil pipe and the oil outlet must be tightened. Otherwise, as the pressure increases, the oil pipe will be washed away, adding unnecessary trouble.
(4) After fixing the oil inlet and outlet, the motor button is activated, and the oil pump starts to work normally. The filtered oil is the purified oil.
(5) When one barrel (box) of oil is pumped out and needs to pump another barrel (box) of oil, it needs to move quickly to avoid the oil pump idling for a long time. If it is too late, stop it and wait until the inlet pipe is connected and restart.
(1) The machine mainly uses mechanical filtration.
(2) If the head is too high during the refueling process, the motor temperature will rise rapidly and the oil pump noise will increase.
Treatment method: 1. Work according to the specified head; 2. Intermittent work.
(3) The oil pump noise is abnormally increased:
Treatment method: 1. Check whether the oil pump connecting shaft is concentric; 2. Whether the fastening nail is loose or dropped. All of the above phenomena need to be restored to eliminate.
(4) It is strictly forbidden to avoid the motor.
(5) The continuous operation of the whole machine shall not exceed 150 hours. If it reaches 150 hours, the whole machine will rest for two hours.
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How to use Xiangneng oil filter locomotive



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