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Xiangneng high efficiency diesel oil filter

2019-09-26 09:54
1. It is especially suitable for the filtration of light fuel oil such as diesel fuel, aviation fuel oil, gasoline and kerosene with multiple impurities, and removes impurities and moisture from oil.
2. It is suitable for the purification of low viscosity steam turbine oil, hydraulic oil and lubricating oil. Remove impurities and moisture from the oil to improve the quality of the oil.
3. It is suitable for online automatic operation of low-viscosity lubricating oil system, and the effect on the online operation of the water leakage unit is particularly obvious.
4. This series of equipment is most suitable for oils with high filtration precision.
Principle introduction
This machine is the perfect combination of plate and frame oil filter and coalescing separation oil filter. The plate and frame oil filter with increased filtration area is the best oil filter for filtering impurities in the oil filter. It can thoroughly filter oils containing more impurities (such as wax, metal powder, dust, paper wool, cotton wool, coal powder, etc.). The oil after filtering out the impurities is completely removed by the coalescing and separating oil filter. The coalescing oil filter machine is made of a professional hydrophilic material made of a coalescing filter element and a hydrophobic material to make a dewatering filter element, and is designed according to a certain proportion and optimized design. According to the different physical effects of the water mixed into the oil, the free water in the oil and the emulsified water are coalesced into a larger diameter water droplet after passing through the coalescing filter element, and then the water droplets are separated by a dewatering filter element and acted upon by gravity. The lower settlement is automatically drained in the water storage tank, and the oil-water separation is completed once. This equipment integrates functions such as automatic demulsification, high-efficiency dehydration and precision filtration to effectively remove moisture and impurities from oil. The plate and frame oil filter and the coalescing oil filter can be used in series or separately.
Technical characteristics
1. The special design of the whole machine is beautiful in appearance, low in power and low in running cost.
2, the machine does not need heating, no vacuum, you can achieve the effect of water removal.
3. The impurities are multi-layered and the particle size control effect is excellent. (can reach NAS5~8)
4. The setting can be set with detection alarm, action control and shutdown protection function, which can be operated online by the device to realize unattended operation.
User selectable configuration
1. The body pipe can be made of stainless steel, which is beautiful and not corroded, and can work for a long time.
2. High-quality imported products can be selected for power components, filter equipment and electrical components to improve the performance of the equipment.
3, according to the needs of users, optional PLC intelligent control, touch screen operation, and set dynamic display.
4. Flowmeter with accumulative function.
5, according to the needs, you can choose the explosion-proof type.
6. The filter plate and filter frame of the plate and frame oil filter can be selected from cast iron plate, PVC engineering plate and aluminum alloy plate. Durable and high filtration precision. A meter is provided.
7. This machine can also be equipped with a regenerative device, which can adsorb and regenerate the oil and restore the color of the oil.
Xiangneng high efficiency diesel oil filter



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