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Changsha Xiangneng Oil Filter Vacuum Filter Operation Guide

2019-09-26 09:52
Changsha Xiangneng Oil Filter Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Vacuum oil filter operation guide (can not replace the instruction manual)
Boot steps:
1. Check the wiring in the power distribution cabinet for looseness before starting the machine. Please tighten them one by one with a screwdriver. Check that the appliance is in good condition.
2. Check that all electrical switches and oil filter valve positions are closed and returned.
3. Check if the power phase sequence is correct (the phase sequence indicator is green and correct). The neutral line and the live line must be connected to the same leakage protector.
4. After everything is displayed normally, open the inlet and outlet valves. Then turn the switch to automatic start to run. When the glass mirror on the flash tank shows oil injection, turn on the heater.
The reasons for the alarm are as follows: First, when the liquid level rises to the set height, the device will alarm and the liquid level will drop automatically after a while. This is a normal phenomenon at work. Second, the pressure of the equipment filter will rise and alarm, and even the oil will stop working, so the filter must be replaced.
Downtime steps:
1. When the machine is shut down, please turn on the power distribution cabinet and turn off the circuit breaker heater. After the equipment continues to run for one minute, it can stop (to prevent the heating tube from burning).
2. The transfer switch is converted to the manual position, the oil pump is started, the residual oil in the equipment tank is drained, and the oil pump is stopped. Remember to close the inlet and outlet valves and cut off the power.
Note: 1. If the oil filter is not circulating in one container during operation, please note that the filter medium is drained and the heater is burned out.
2. During operation, when the oil temperature rises, the tubing will soften. In this case, tighten the hoop on the inlet and outlet pipes again to avoid leaking oil.
3. It is forbidden to operate the vacuum pump without oil or oil. The vacuum pump oil level must be maintained at the liquid level of the vacuum pump.
Special warning: Please filter the heavily polluted oil before filtering, so as not to block the filter and damage the pump.
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Changsha Xiangneng Oil Filter Vacuum Filter Operation Guide



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